Monday, December 16, 2013

More critters...

Last week, Elder Blackburn just sent a short note - he was very busy and said they had received up to 8" of snow and since that is unusual, no one knows how to drive in it, so a lot of business and other places were closed.  They are preparing for a baptism on Dec 21st.

Dear Friends and Family,

So we got out of a lesson and saw this huge possum (at least 30 lbs.) eating out of a cat dish and so I cornered it and it was hissing and growling but we just picked it up from the tail and held it and petted they have strong little arms and hands and a way strong tail, I gained a lot of respect for those little critters, they're pretty fearless and have pretty big teeth. Pretty cute though, I'd have one as a pet, they'd be a lot of fun, I wish Vito and Lilly could've seen him and sniffed him.

we are not sure where the bunny came from...Elder Blackburn likes animals, so we are pretty sure this one just jumped right in his lap!

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