Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Staying cool and working hard...

"Well I'm just getting this email after a looong day at Beaver Lake here in Arkansas...don't worry I wasn't swimming. Just enjoying the lake, exploring, skipping rocks, etc. We went with a family from the ward... Anyways we are teaching an awesome family right now,  they are getting ready to get baptized so if I stay in this area for another transfer I'll have a whole family :D how exciting! It has been extremely hot and the state is under like a 'heat advisory' from 1pm to 7pm every day until Thursday. Temperatures from 105 - 109. Bla.... we're staying cool though. I've just really been enjoying my time here in Arkansas, it has been a great transfer. Lots of good memories have been made here. We had interviews with the Mission President last Friday. Those were fun ha he told me that when he sees my face on the Transfer Board he feels a peace and I told him, "President, you can put me wherever and with whoever and I'll get the job done." He is a great guy. Not a whole lot of letters last week... :( Please find some time to write small notes here and there, I know it is boring to write missionaries but it really makes our day ha We don't have a whole lot to get excited over so letters are golden! Even if you don't have much to say, just something :) I lately have been pondering and researching about a lot of what the pioneers had to go through... it makes my duty seem menial, they gave up so much for the gospel-often times their lives-to get across the plains. If you want to watch a powerful pioneer movie watch "Legacy", so good. We did a lot of service on Saturday, picked corn at the church fields from 6 - 8, then helped a family move from 9-10, and then mowed a members lawn ha It is crazy how fast time goes by on your mission, to think I waited my whole life for this 2 year adventure and it is flying by so quickly... gosh gotta work harder! I don't have any time to waste. Well I don't really have any big spiritual stories to share but I will just speak briefly on the sacredness of the Book of Mormon. We are so lucky to have such a book for our time that gives us divine guidance and spiritual insight that takes us to a whole other plane than any other book. Sure the Bible is incredible also but the Book of Mormon was specifically put together for our time. Treat it like it came from God because it did. We need to study it's words everyday. And as we are reading we can ask the question, "Okay, why did Mormon choose to include this?" We can take something out of every chapter. Missionary work is rough sometimes but to know I belong to this Gospel makes up a lot of the difference. We are just so blessed. Well, that's about all I got fortoday, feel free to write me!
Elder Blackburn
James 1:5 + a Desire + a prayer is all it took :) We truly do have a Heavenly Father who is mindful of his children, how great is that!"

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