Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A "shotgun area", farming and animals

We received a short email and some pictures from Elder Blackburn - we all know of his love for animals...we just didn't realize that being in Arkansas has awakened the farming DNA in his blood...

He will find out who his new companion is tomorrow (Wed 1/23/13)


"Yes, I will be training (in the new area). Shotgunned into the area and training (to shotgun means to put two new elders in an area) My trainer Elder Jensen is a zone leader now which is sweet (he was an awesome trainer) so yesterday for Preparation Day a member took us Elders up to Gentry Safari It was SA-WEET! You drive through the park and see all sorts of crazy animals just running loose like a game preserve so we had a loaf of bread and would feed the camels and emu's that would walk up to the window ha ha they had all sorts of animals and a cool petting zoo where you could pet baby giraffes and kangaroos.  I have some funny/awesome videos that you guys have to see. Also this last Saturday was a bitter/sweet moment the last family member of the family I was able to teach was baptized and the program was wonderful...I was so happy to be here at the right time to help that family come to the Gospel. That family I believe is a big reason why I was here in this area specifically. :)

Also I am obsessed with Chicken farming, I'm totally getting a few when I get home if that's okay...I'm a farmer now...total Wayne County..."

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