Monday, April 9, 2012

First email from the field!

Last Friday we received an email from the company we bought Hayden's bike from saying it had shipped to Pittsburg Kansas.  A quick internet search told us it is a town of about 20,000 and home to PSU, a State University about two hours North of Tulsa.  So Elder Blackburn is in Pittsburg, Kansas in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Mission...pretty funny.

Hey Family and Friends how ya'll doin'?
"So I have now basically completed my first week (almost) and it has been pretty awesome. At first it was hard to accept that a lot of people around here do not want to here about the gospel but I have learned my main duties in this area and they are to
1. reactivate A LOT of less actives
2. strengthen the ward in whatever way possible
3. Contact tract and baptize
The Elders who were in this area left us an old outdated area book and drop book so we are going through those and trying to update it and contact those who want to learn. Kansas is a crazy area haha this town is old, lots and lots of trees and grass, tons of squirrels and rabbits and birds, everything is super green, and there are like no sidewalks ha ha. I like this town though...We are focusing a lot of our contacting at PSU's campus, we meet a lot of students and it is a fairly big university. Everyone around here is obsessed with Pitt State. So yesterday was Easter Sunday and I gave a talk about the atonement and it was awesome! The Ward covers two counties, 30 by 60 miles is the boundary, but only like 20 people come to church... but the Ward member list is like 15 pages!!! So we really have to prioritize because we need to reactivate, find new investigators, and visit active members ha so we have a lot of work to do which is good...the missionaries in Parsons, Kansas told us how the town had a prayer circle so the Mormons would leave the town... Some parts we're liked and others, not so much. Me and my MtC buddies are all spread out but I hope to be companions with at least one of them by the time my missions up. I can tell it is going to go by's weird how time works on a mission: days drag by, weeks zoom by, and months fly by. I love the members in the Ward that are active it's just a matter of getting the less actives to come...Always remember Christ lives and leads our church and he'll never let us down."

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