Monday, April 23, 2012

Kansas and the critters...

Dear Family and Friends and Dogs and Grandmas :)

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and How's my family doing? Kansas is such a funny place I can't help but to always smile just because it is so...different. ha ha This week was sa-weet! We picked up 3 new investigators and taught some awesome lessons! This week we didn't have the car so we seriously biked like 25 miles... I'm am memorizing scriptures like nobody's business! I love Doctrine and Covenants, my gosh, it is simply amazing, I took so much for granted at home that now out on a mission I am realizing how the Book of Mormon is amazing (truly remarkable), the Sacrament is so special and sacred (so sacred), loving everyone really lets you feel of God's love, never judge anybody we all have the same divine potential and heritage, and smile at the people who yell things/throw things from their cars at you...I included some pictures - one is a little gorilla statue that EVERYONE has in their yard because of Pitt State ha they are cool. And a cardinal - they are everywhere, also little cottontail rabbits are everywhere ha. We saw a coyote like five feet away the other day too, we were turning up from a pretty wooded country area and there was a coyote right in front of us! ha anyways I miss the mountains a lot. It's interesting how being on a mission really lets you know what is important in life, sheesh, I am learning so much about myself and about the kind of person I want to become. Only a mission can help us boys turn into men. It is really eye opening. I have never felt closer to my Heavenly Father than now...We are teaching a lot of people and visiting lots of less actives... I am getting to know a lot of people of this area. While tracting we picked up about 7 potential investigators who we are going to visit this week and are teaching 3 people right now. Well this is Elder Blackburn signing out of this weeks edition of 'Kansas Missionary Moments', until next time, we'll see ya."

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