Monday, June 11, 2012

Service, hard work & miracles

"Hello everyone :) Hope you all had a great week!

Well, my week was good and filled with events. On Wednesday I had exchanges with Parsons so I traveled up there - we had fun and I occasionally like going up there ha ha. It is a pretty small town. 

Do you wanna hear a cool story? So yesterday @ church my companion and I both had to give talks, we found out we were the only speakers on the program so we did well each filling 30 mins. We both spoke on missionary work so it wasn't hard at all. "The most effective work for missionaries is when members do the finding and missionaries do the teaching..." -- Spencer W. Kimball. It's so true though, when a member finds someone for us to teach they have a personal interest and the investigator has way better chances of making it to baptism and staying active. So after sacrament we're talking to members and chit chatting when a young woman is like "Hey, do you want to teach an investigator?" as she points to a boy to her side. Me, "Of course! Come with us!" We taught this boy (18 years old) and he has already been reading the Book of Mormon and told us how he went to the Kansas City Temple open house and felt that it was right. And he said whenever he reads the Book of Mormon he feels that same feeling again. So we taught him the first lesson (Restoration) with our Ward Mission Leader and had a great lesson. The WML here has a terrific conversion story. Needless to say we committed him to baptism on June 23rd! Pretty cool, right? I immediately said a prayer, "Thank you for this Miracle." ha seriously ah... so good...Also I think it's inevitable that I will have an accent when I get home. I can tell I'm getting one ha. Today we are playing flour ball! We play it once a transfer, can you believe it's been a month since last time I played? I think we we'll both stay in this area one more transfer and then one of us will get moved. We find out on the 23rd if we are going to get moved or not, I'll keep you posted. I really want to get transferred down into Arkansas. I don't know why it just sounds fun. 

We did a lot of service this week: mowed 2 lawns, worked at the Wesley House (food for the needy), and helped with Habitat for Humanity (building houses for the homeless) It was a lot of fun, I learned how to shingle and how to make and place frames for windows. We also went to a Priesthood Meeting and the Stake President gave a great talk on how we live like the sailor story of the ones who got stranded on sea and how they died because they had no water even though water was everywhere (they were in the ocean) "Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink." And how we live in a world where salt water is all around us and how Jeremiah 3:11 talks about how fresh water and salt water can't coexist together. How we must remain pure even though salt water is all around us. Salt water is corrosive and dehydrates us and is bitter. Then he used SPAM as an example about our world today (because SPAM is mostly salt) S: Sex sick society (we need to remain morally clean), PA: Physical Appearance (don't worry over what you wear or how you look), M: Money (do not be greedy and set your heart upon wealth) Then his son also gave a talk and he used an interesting story that I really enjoyed."

"I have always loved the story of the son of King Louis XVI of France because he had an unshakable knowledge of his identity. As a young man, he was kidnapped by evil men who had dethroned his father, the king. These men knew that if they could destroy him morally, he would not be heir to the throne. For six months they subjected him to every vile thing life had to offer, and yet he never yielded under pressure. This puzzled his captors, and after doing everything they could think of, they asked him why he had such great moral strength. His reply was simple. He said, “I cannot do what you ask, for I was born to be a king.”

Like the king’s son, each of you has inherited a royal birthright. Each of you has a divine heritage. “You are literally the royal sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.

Love You All,"

Elder Blackburn

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