Monday, June 18, 2012

Sprains and gains...

"So this week was pretty crazy! First off on Monday we had our Zone Outing with "flour ball" and I have given myself the nickname "Blackburn the Lamanite" because no one can hit me ha ha Get it? Like Samuel the Lamanite how he couldn't get hit? Funny? I thought so. After that fun day we were doing our morning exercises (which is just running @ PSU's Stadium) and as we're running my companion trips and I look over and he's on the ground and like OW! My ankle! It swells up pretty big and we luckily have a podiatrist in our Ward who we went and saw and he said he sprained it pretty good and now has crutches and a boot. That makes the work pretty slow... so we have been doing our best to get to appointments, etc. We will have the car on Wednesday so no worries. On Wednesday I went back up to Parsons, Kansas ha ha and I'm going up again this Wednesday! I call it my second area, we just have had a lot of exchanges... Mom, thanks for the care package! :D Thank you! I loved the ties and the root beer float gum! I chew it while studying because we're not supposed to chew gum while proselyting. ha I finished Doctrine and Covenants and wow just when I thought it couldn't get any better after the Book of Mormon, it did! The blessings of having a prophet are so great! Joseph Smith = the most incredible man of our dispensation. Read I think it is Doctrine and Covenants Section 135 about the Martrydom. John Taylor talks about what great men Joseph and Hyrum were. And Section 138 is just the icing on the cake! To end with a glorious vision! As you read, you can't help but here the hymn "the Spirit of God" play through your head. 

Yesterday a lady we taught came to church with us because she was visiting and it was awesome to see her beaming with the spirit (she was an investigator we taught a while back and she has since been baptized, confirmed, and done baptisms @ the Kansas City Temple) We get transfer calls this Saturday so next Monday if I get transferred. We'll see! Exciting times, This Elder has almost been out two transfers! Woot! 15 More transfers to go! ha ha :)
Love you all,"

Elder Blackburn the Lamanite

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