Monday, September 24, 2012

Arkansas Awesomeness

"Well, the last week of the transfer went well. We did some good work and I don't think I have been as tired as I am now. We probably biked 20+ miles last week. So I have been exhausted...which is good though. Lately my studies have been in "Jesus the Christ" Oh my gosh, I am addicted to reading it...I can't put it down. James E. Talmage was genius! I can't understand how he was able to put that book together! Definately an inspired book. If you want to get to know Christ and his character and his life better then pick up that book and start reading. This Sat/Sun was Stake Conference and it was really good, it was missionary themed and Elder Shayne M. Bowen of the Seventy really told the members that they are the full time finders and the missionaries are the teachers. It was perfect. If all members could understand that we as missionaries are not some other group that does all of the work bringing people into church and that as members it is their job and if we all could go out and talk to everyone about the gospel and then invite us to teach their newly found friend the work would exponentially take off. The members are not assistants to the Missionaries, we are the assistants to the members.
Last Monday after emailing we went to the new art museum "Crystal Bridges" it is huge and I guess is top 10 museums to see in the world! It was really cool we caught the last day of the Declaration Exhibit and saw one of the Declarations of Independence and Letters from King George III to General Howe, It was awesome. Then we looked at a lot of art from the 1800's to Present day. We were going to go to Pea Ridge Civil War battleground but our ride bailed so hopefully we will go next week. Usually on Pdays we email in the morning, shop, play BBall with the Bentonville Elders and then our day is over. 

My spiritual thought today is short and sweet:
Study the scriptures daily: even if you "don't have time" it is very important
Ponder what you read: really think about what you're reading
Keep a journal: Journal writing is a lost art, find a notebook and start writing your daily events as well as your spiritual thoughts and doctrine you are learning or interesting things you learned that day. It shows Heavenly Father you are serious about the gospel and that spiritual insights he gives you are important to you.
Share what you learn: Sharing gospel insights with others helps solidify your testimony
Apply: Learning is good but without application of doctrine it will profit you nothing.
"Therein lies happiness brother": quote from Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration

Elder Blackburn

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