Monday, October 1, 2012

Another weeeeeeeeeek...

"Well, just another week down here in Arkansas... not much to report...let me see here. My companion and I have just been working like usual, but while tracting last week I was just like "Man, this stinks, I have been tracting for 6 1/2 months and haven't had any success!" I'm just so used to doors slammed in my face that it doesn't even phase me, I'm a seasoned tracter you could say... So that night we prayed hard that we could receive some success from all the hard work we've been doing. Surprisingly the next day a member from another ward called us and said they had someone to teach, we went to the address and sure enough there was a guy waiting for us and accepted all commitments and even asked when's the soonest him and his daughter could be baptized ha I was like whoa, whoa we gotta teach ya the doctrine a little first ha ha. We'll see if he is golden or not in our next visit with him. I sure hope so. We can't believe another Conference is here, as a missionary this is like our Superbowl. ha ha It's crazy that we were at the MTC to watch Conference and next week it will be 6 months and 3 weeks since that experience. Only two more sessions to go and I'll be back home. Weird, isn't it? 2 years, so short yet so long yet so short ha. 

I'm almost done with Jesus the Christ - man I love that book- I feel like I've come to know my Savior much more deeply than before. James E. Talmage does a tremendous job at informing you on the geography of his life, chronology of the events, and the circumstances leading up to his crucifixion and why the pharisees and Sadducees were so hostile towards him. I think my favorite months are March/April and September/October reasons for that: nice weather, and fun things are going on. (also conference ha ha) Seriously to a missionary Conference is the World Cup to us. Man, I'm excited. I'm giddy with excitement really. We have a baptism is this Friday so I will take lots of pics for you guys..he is like our little brother now. He is such a good kid. We've taught him so much that we are running out of things to teach him so we made up this really fun game for him. I'll have to take a picture of it because it will take forever to explain. Do you remember that John Tvednes guy I talked about a few emails ago? Well, he is coming to our District Meeting on Wednesday! Yahoo! So this week is just going to be awesome!"
Elder Blackburn

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