Monday, October 15, 2012

A long week in the field

"Well, this week was a long one...but we taught a lot of lessons which is always a boost. I also went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Little Flock and had a good experience there. We taught a guy (around 20 yrs old) and he said he had some "notes" for us to look at. Upon seeing his notes me and the other Elder realized it was just Anti-Mormon media copy and pasted to a word document. We proceeded in answering all of the questions and one after another he deleted the questions by the end he just deleted the whole document and said, "Wow, it must be true." He promised he wouldn't look up any Anti anymore and to stay on and, Anti just clouds peoples minds and puts doubts and bad seeds into their soul. It was a testimony builder for me because it just showed how true and correct our church and doctrine really is. We belong to Jesus Christ's Church, our doctrine is plain and precious and simple. It just makes sense! What I don't get is how people who profess to be well versed in scripture still believe in their way after a couple of 19 yr. old boys counter the attacks they throw and can explain hard doctrine so simply and purely that they can't but not understand what we teach. Our minds as missionaries are expanded and enlightened as we have modern day revelation to study as well as the Book of Mormon, our knowledge increases with the help of the Holy Ghost that we can have with us at all times to help bring things to our remembrance when we need it. (D&C 100:6) No one can stop this work from progressing! The true church can rely on 19 and now 18 year old boys because it is true! If it weren't the church would have crashed and burned many years ago. Isn't it remarkable and awe inspiring how 18-21 year olds are the ones who spread the Gospel around the world and put everything on hold to do it, and pay for it themselves? The growth of the Church rests upon the shoulders of teenagers? It does because it is true! And lead by a Prophet of God who receives revelation for the Church. Just by those facts someone should be able to sense something special about our Church. No other church can do that. 

Some days it can be really hard as a missionary, we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints hold the knowledge of how to truly have a happy life and the real truth but often times people don't want to hear it and it is really difficult to see people turn down what you know can change their lives. We have a product that doesn't fail! It is free! Life Eternal is FREE! The only cost is our agency, that is, to turn over the one thing we can give to our Heavenly Father: our will. If we make His will our will we are promised amazing blessings and will have rewards waiting for us in the next life that are incomprehensible and unfathomably magnificent. We are promised to become "joint heirs with Christ"! You can realize how sad it truly is as a missionary when you knock on someone's door and someone answers who you know and can tell is having a hard time and tells us "Sorry, I am not interested." This man has no idea he can be sealed to his family for eternity, that he has a plethora of blessings waiting on command for him if he does but pray, read the Book of Mormon, get baptized and join himself with the Kingdom of God on Earth! All the questions he has asked himself that he can't find answers to, are found in our Church. We are so blessed. Never take for granted the knowledge, the blessings, the joy we have as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints."

Elder Blackburn

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