Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elder Blackburn turns 20

We received the picture above from a member in the area, and on his birthday no less!  It was very nice to exchange emails on his birthday.  We are very proud of that guy.  

We believe this picture was taken at an LDS book shop (kind of like a mini-Deseret Book) that is now in Hayden's area.  The picture is a little fuzzy so we cannot tell if he is with his companion or just hamming it up with another Elder.  Either way, it's always good to get an unexpected email/photo from the mission field.


"Well, It's preparation day and I'm here in the Springdale Library. Last week was a good one we got a lot of work done and had some good experiences. It seems the more we tract the more and more successful we are finding those ready to hear the gospel. We found an investigator who studied at a Bible College and we had a great discussion, it was just great. At the end of the 1st discussion he was just laughing out of amazement and said I can't believe it, I believe in everything you've said tonight and he'd ask us questions and we'd answer them and was just excited that we believe so similarly. We are excited for him, we biked last night a couple miles so we could give him a Book of Mormon. There are great families in this ward and it is so fun to have dinner appointments and meet with each of them. I just am loving my mission and am in pure astonishment that my year mark is approaching at such a rapid pace. The year has flown by and I feel I need more time to improve myself! My goodness...Missions are just fantastic, it is a happiness that I cannot describe knowing I am doing the work of the Lord. I'm so blessed."
Elder Blackburn

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