Monday, February 11, 2013

Training and Preaching...

"This week we did a lot of biking, I also had to pay to get my bike fixed which was okay because I didn't tune it at all for a whole year so I was due for one anyways. We were headed off Tuesday morning ready to start an exciting day and I stripped my pedal out of it's threads and so we had to walk to the nearest bike shop which was 5-6 miles away...there are no sidewalks on the main street so it was rough...but a nice ol' fellar fixed up my bike. Later in the week we had "Train the Trainer" where President comes and talks to us about how we can train better and ways to help the young Elders learn their duty. It was really good and so many new elders and sisters are out it is crazy! It is either warm or freezing cold - one day can be like 50's the next like 30's. It has rained a lot this past week too which we got caught in...all the storms so we got soaked. Me and Elder Hughes gave talks in Sacrament yesterday and I love giving talks, the program was a youth speaker, Elder Hughes, a hymn and then me. As Elder Hughes finished I looked at the clock and saw that I had 25 minutes to fill...I could see members of the ward smiling up at me as they realized I had a lot of time to fill, I filled it though and I will send my talk home via letter. We don't have a lot of investigators so we've been doing ALOT of contacting and finding less actives and part member families. As we were biking on the coldest day I was just praying "...Heavenly Father please just lead me to someone, please it is so cold and I've heard so many stories about being lead to people who are ready and I'm doing my best to be a good Elder could you please just lead me to someone?..." After biking a ways out I felt we should stop and the first door we knocked on a nice guy let us in and we had a good first lesson. After that I thanked Heavenly Father for hearing my prayer. It was great."
Elder Blackburn

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