Monday, April 22, 2013

Fayetteville week #2

So this week has been pretty slow, due to the shotgunning and the area didn't have much going on we get the privilege of starting it up again! So future Elders/Sisters note to self: keep your area book updated and leave an area better than you found it. This week after companionship study we have what's called "Bike Sesh" (short for session) because we need to use our bikes more in this area and Elder Archibald doesn't know how to ride one....but he does now! Boo-yah! We are almost ready for lift off down here. Better look out there's a new biker on the road. I wish I was from like...another country because people really seem to be deterred when we both say we're from I just say I'm from Mexico and fake a spanish just kidding...I wouldn't do that...---->aside from the joking I have been feasting upon another book and this time I took the "Miracle of Forgiveness" by President Spencer W. Kimball to the taking. It is a great read and a good fast paced doctrinal book covering all sorts of sins and why they are sins and the harmful effects they have on us and to our spirits and how we can be forgiven. I have really enjoyed it and he uses a great balance of quotes and stories that give you not only "food for thought"-but a whole feast for thought, I thoroughly recommend it to any one looking to better themselves in the quest of enduring to the end. Yesterday the OTM did something quite eventful. About 2/3's of the mission drove to Tulsa to listen to Bishop Dean M. Davies of the Presiding Bishopric of the Church speak to us missionaries. It was really fun because the ward mission leader in Siloam Springs rented a 15 passenger van and took about half the zone. He gave a great talk and explained to the responsibilities of the presiding bishopric. (They cover all the temporal needs of the church, they are the presiding authority for the Aaronic Priesthood, and they cover things like communication, finances, welfare, security, humanitarian, construction, etc.) He explained also about is an acronym for Discouraged (which leads to...)--->Idleness (which leads to...)--->Murmuring (which leads to...)--->Sin

So don't get caught in the DIMS Cycle!

Elder Blackburn

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