Monday, April 15, 2013

SEC Territory

Well, I'm getting settled here in beeeeautiful Fayetteville, Arkansas! Seriously, it is super pretty and the campus is gorgeous. And the Stadium is HUGE, welcome to the SEC. Makes Romney Stadium look like a jr. high stadium. My new companion is Elder Archibald and I are getting to know each other but it will be good.

The Ward is very nice and a lot of fun. We ate at the Harvey's last night (the owner's of Beehive Mercantile) and they are so nice and fun. The only thing is the zone leaders (that's what area this used to be) didn't pass around their dinner/exchange calendar and didn't have a lot of work going on...being shotgunned into an area is usually rough...but once things get going it gets a lot better.

Conference last week was so good! I thought all the speakers were all intense. Elder Holland's was my favorite "Fan the flame of faith first!" I love expecting his talks at conference, it's like waiting for a punch to the stomach that feels good. ha ha You can tell that as the last days keep approaching the talks are getting a little more serious (not that they haven't been but they are more direct and straight up) A guy in the ward served in Venezuela too but he is younger he was wondering what areas Dad served in. And also (small world instance) the aunt of Spencer Moore/Jeremiah Moore lives in this ward. Crazy, right?

It was hard to say goodbye to the Har-Ber Ward. A lot of people were sad we were leaving :'( 'tis the toils of transfers. Did you get my package I sent home yet? Also, (cool note) this apartment has all to ensigns back to like 1972, seriously, every one. So I am excited to devour the knowledge in them right up. Sorry this email show's my 'scatter-brained-ness' right now as I am trying to figure this area out.

Hope you are all doing well :)
Elder Blackburn

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