Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Funny Fayetteville

Wow! Looks like you guys had an exciting week! All this cool stuff is happening while I'm gone, pretty neat to see... life doesn't slow down.... Well I won't be growing up so no need to worry there. ha just kidding. 'tis life I suppose. Well, this week was okay, I was pretty sick but we still got some work done. Excited for a fresh week to get work going here. This area is kind of funny (hence the title) it is a city that like can't make up it's mind if it's a city town or country town. It's unlike any other area I've been in. It is an area that's never really had that much success but we are determined to get it going. This week the weather has been kind of weird, in the history of Arkansas it has like never snowed in May.....it did last week. And it rained everyday of last week besides one. So winter is still hangin' on, it's going to go from winter, right into summer. Tracting wasn't as good as last week but I think it was just a rough week for everyone. While tracting though I saw some pugs and I pet them and one of them only had one eye, so I call 'em the "one-eyed-puggess-face", I think I'm going to buy dog treats so I can give the dogs a treat as I pass (At least I can brighten someone's day) Even though for humans we have the best treat ever, the Gospel. 

Elder Blackburn

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