Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Safe from the storms and in good spirits...

Guess who saw Elder Porter??? This guy!!! I saw him at Transfer Point and we hugged and talked, it was so good to see an old friend from home... that storm last week blew through and it was pretty scary! The sirens were blaring and it was pouring rain and hail, etc. Luckily no funnel clouds touched down near us, so we were fine.

This week as usual we did a lot of tracting and contacting Less-Actives. A member in the ward came up with a great idea that we are going to implement soon. This member created a flyer for us and it says

"Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will be in your neighborhood on this date at this time to answer questions such as:
1. Who was Joseph Smith?
2. What is the Book of Mormon?
3. How families can be together forever and not "til death do you part."
4. And the purpose of life.

if you would like to set up an appointment in advance here is our number"

So kind of like that. We'll hand those out to a neighborhood and then go back at the time we scheduled and that way the people know when we'll be coming by and separates the wheat from the tares early and those that will listen or have questions will be home or call us. So we are excited to see how it works.


Many a time I oft find myself discussing the issue of authority with a member of another faith, or a pastor. There is a question I like to pose to them:

---> Where and how did you gain your authority to minister or where did your pastor gain his authority?

They tell me "Oh, he got it or I got it from graduating from a bible school." or "I felt as a child compelled to become a minister so I apprenticed a pastor or decided to start my own church."

I have yet to have a response that tells me they received it by the hand of a prophet or from God himself or an angel. There are many scriptures that help point us in the right direction about the Priesthood:

>Hebrews 5:4---one must be called of God as was Aaron, Aaron was called by a Prophet of God and ordained at his hand.

>1 Corinthians 4:20----the kingdom of God is not found in scripture but in the authority which would result in having a prophet and the authority to perform ordinances thus creating the kingdom of God.

>Acts 1:22---witnesses were ordained

>John 15:16---apostles were chosen and ordained

>Matthew 16:19---God's power only can seal things on Earth and it Heaven

I am thrilled to think I hold the Priesthood, that I'm an Elder. It's as if I hold a sacred heirloom from God passed down all the way to me and that if I stay worthy of it, God through me can bless others around me and it can change me to be the man of God he wants me to be. I'm thankful our Heavenly Father trusts us with such a gift, with such a power. Whenever I give something special to someone I always hope they treat it with care and respect, and that it is used. He must feel the same way, he is giving imperfect mortals his power and authority and I am sure he hopes and wishes all of his sons that receive it, treat it special and act like they are priesthood holders.


I can't speak about the Priesthood without speaking about the second half of it, which is motherhood. I heard a good quote the other day from a sister in the ward giving a talk about how she wasn't married until she was 37 and how when she asked her husband if he was still willing to have kids (because she really wanted to have children and be a mother and he already had kids) and her husband said the greatest statement,

"Denying a woman motherhood, would be like denying a man the priesthood."

So very true. I have heard that the Priesthood can't function without Women and that the family can't function without a loving Mother or the Priesthood. So you must have both. I think there is such a special bond between a mom and a child. They get the privilege of housing God's spirits and to raise and care for them. Every child owes their life to their mother. Mother's have a special penetrating love that can be felt in a hug, or a kiss on an owie, or in a homemade lunch, or in a little note, or in loving counsel, or in chaperoning teenagers around. They do everything for their child's well-being often neglecting their own time for their children.

Of course there are instances where parents use their agency contrary to Heavenly Father's plan and neglect their duties or treat their children with hostility and cruelty, but my prayer is that we can have love at home and if you are or were raised in those type of circumstances I hope you can forgive them and turn and raise a family in the way you wished to have been raised. I bet it is very hard, for I know not what it is like, but I do know that God loves us all and that the Atonement covers all.

I have been extremely blessed to have been raised by a worthy priesthood holder and a wonderful loving mother. I am who I am because of them.

Elder Blackburn

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