Monday, July 8, 2013

Elder B's "scripture"

Chapter 1

Elder Blackburn looks back on hardships and realizes that he has witnessed many great miracles - he finds a golden investigator and rejoices in the goodness of God. He is happy to still have a good 8 months left to continue the work of the Lord.

1. At the commencement of the 16th month of the mission of Elder Blackburn, it came to pass that there had been much hardships and much trials, and my soul was weighed down with much sorrow. But these things ought not to be, for I had also been shown the mysteries of God and received many blessings that brought my soul great joy, for I knew that my hope was in his redeemer.

2. And it came to pass that I remembered the promises made unto me that if I would serve God with all his heart, might, mind and strength I would be able to stand blameless at the last day and layeth up salvation unto my soul. For behold, the promises are true and the Lord hath blessed me and given me strength and given me knowledge. For I have studied the scriptures diligently and fasted and prayed many days that I might help my fellow brethren in the land of Arkansas come unto a knowledge of the Gospel and not hearken unto the traditions of their fathers, and behold, when I speaketh, I speaketh with power and authority given unto me from the Lord.

3. And it came to pass that I was pondering my mission and it seemeth unto me that serving in Kansas was many ages ago and that it hath been many years since that time, but it hath been only a year, I feel I have grown so much and learned so much that behold, my heart is full with joy and with the promises of Eternal Life and the mercy and grace of our Lord.

4. And it came to pass that as I pondered these things I was carried away in the thoughts of all the wonderful people I have thus far met and what joy brings these memories to my soul that my heart burneth within me. For I have met many wonderful members that have shown much love unto me. For in my days of affliction they have lifted my arms that hang low and also the Spirit of the Lord for he truly is the great Comforter. And I have also I have seen many come unto the Lord and witnessed many miracles and been convinced of my nothingness I have let the Lord lead me and held his hand and followed as a child doth follow their parent.

5. And it came to pass that I had a great experience...

Ha ha that was fun... so the "great experience" was that this past week a member told us he had a neighbor that would like to take the discussions so we went down, met the guy, and taught him the first lesson and it went perfectly. He had good questions, the spirit was strong, the member that referred him was there and bore a strong testimony, it was perfect. Later that week we did some service which was fun, gotta get in some grubs and do some good work (seriously missionaries love service) and we got to mow and saw some old limbs off trees...just some good 'ol yard work. Afterwards, we taught him the Plan of Salvation and you want to know what he said after we taught him it? Well, I tell you, he said the best words ever, "I have wondered since I was 9 or 10 why I am here on Earth and what my purpose is...and now I know." I couldn't believe I was actually having that "perfect missionary discussion" it was like right out of a script! It couldn't have been more perfect. He also came to church yesterday. We are so excited to continue to teach him.

Well, that's all I got this week, until next time...

Elder Blackburn

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