Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A busy week in the mission field

Hello, Hello!

"How's everybody doing? Good, good. Alright well this week has been busy! So prepare yourselves for an emotional roller coaster, buckle up. I'll have you laughin' and cryin'. (well probably not but I'll try) So to start off I am allergy free thanks to the medicine my Mom sent...(big deep breath in through my nose) ahhhh... First off I love fireflies! They are the coolest bugs ever! Truly marvelous how they light up, I love seeing patches of them glow in the twilight air. I caught one in a jar but once you catch them I don't think they like to light up...earlier in the week we decided to clean up the area book and contact old contacts that Elders had ran into. We found a new investigator this way and she holds a lot of promise! It was a blessing. I learned that praying specifically will bring miracles, on a mission you basically need to expect miracles. We prayed one of the mornings "Heavenly Father please bless us with two new investigators..." Later as we went out I got the urge to knock on a door as we were traveling through, a young mom opened the door with her baby and let us come in. She told us how her mom was LDS but she wasn't and her husband and his family are Catholic and she doesn't know what to do and which church is true but wants her kids to have religion. We gave her the first lesson and hope to check on her tomorrow. Then later that day we met a former and she wanted us to teach her and so we did and we will be checking on her tomorrow as well. 2 new! It was awesome. A big miracle happened yesterday at church as well...A family we have been working with came to church! I could not believe it.  I am ashamed to say at times I felt it was a hopeless cause. They haven't been in over a year or so and they came yesterday! The spirit has truly been working on them and I felt a slice of Heavenly joy as I saw him and his family enter into the chapel. One of the speakers gave a great talk too and I hope they will continue to come! This week we haven't had the car and we have been working hard and we have walked about 12 miles and biked about 8. So these past few days I have been exhausted. I am slowly feeling myself get lost in this work and it feels amazing. The days zoom by and two years is not that long! My time is ticking to work in the vineyard so I am using every minute. If you want good scripture reading read from 2 Nephi 20 to Omni. The Isaiah chapters are a little rough but once you get to Chapters 25 through 33 in 2 Nephi, oh my goodness they are filled with such good doctrine! I can't believe we are blessed to have such knowledge. 

Here's a funny story, the other day we were service tracting where we ask "Hey we are doing service in your area is there anything we can do for you"... and we knocked on a door and two dogs came running around the corner, ran right past me and bit my companion! Ha not bad just a nip on the leg but it left a mark! The owner said the dog is up to date on his rabies so no worries. Also as we were normal tracting we ran into a minister of another church and once we found out in our heads went "Oh comes a bible bash session..." Sure enough he told us that "You young men need to reevaluate your foundations..." I thought to myself "Really? My foundation is built upon Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Repentance, Baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, Prophets, the Book of Mormon, Temples, Temple Work, Apostles, Tithing, Fasting, Prayer, The Plan of Salvation, and the Priesthood!" What's yours sir?" But we took the remarks he threw at us shook his hand and left, feeling gratitude for the sure foundations we are built upon. We as members of the Church have the most sure foundation you can have here on earth so if you don't know what your built upon take a look at that list of principles and tell yourself you have THE strongest foundation and make it tough as titanium as you go to church regularly, read daily, pray daily, pay tithing regularly, etc. That's the formula for unshaken faith! Anyways that's all for now, pretty fun week! Hope you all are doing well and we'll see ya next time!"

Elder Blackburn

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