Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tracting and working hard...

"Hello and Welcome to this weeks edition of Kansas Missionary Moments!My name is Elder Blackburn and I'll be updating you on the happenings of my neck of the woods... 

We now have 6 new investigators so we're hoping we can get them progressing. We found that taking a white board to the campus with "What is the purpose of life?" on it gets good responses and discussions from students, we picked up one new investigator that way....sometimes you have "Missionary Slaps" where you have moments where you realize you are actually on your mission and you're time is ticking to serve. It's so strange to think I am actually on my Mission. Sometimes it's like I have soooo long to go but other times it's like ahhh I don't have that much time! ha The other day we went tracting in this really old mining town called Arcadia, it is now pretty much a ghost town and really eery but a few members live out there so we were visiting them and oh my it is just creepy, a lot of run down homes and buildings from like 1890 and mining buildings that are in ruin. A lot of small towns like that but luckily we live in the biggest town around here. The small towns we have members to see are Cherokee, Arma, Arcadia, Walnut, Mulberry, Weir, and Scammon. Old towns but neat stories. These towns used to be nice towns back when the coal mining was good but now they are all pretty run down and just old. Yesterday we went to a choir concert at a Methodist church because one of our investigators is in the PSU choir so we watched it there, they sang different Psalms. You can definitely tell the difference of Spirit at the different churches, so interesting I think....there are some big thunderstorms that have happened so pretty loud. You know that giant tornado that destroyed Joplin? Well, I didn't know how bad it was but my goodness you should hear the stories of the folks from around here, Joplin isn't too far away, it's really close and it is scary how bad that tornado was! The One Year Anniversary for that tornado is May 22nd I believe. The winds reached 285 miles an hour. pretty much everything was obliterated, there is a picture of a garden house through the stump of a giant tree. Crazy! The picture of me and the kid that looks funny is and Elder in my District from Canada and really funny so we meet up once a week for District Meeting ha ha he has some funny stories. This Wednesday I have exchanges with the Zone Leaders....That's about all the news I've got so until next time, we'll see ya."

Elder Blackburn
(humidity sometimes is not fun ha also I'm getting really brown because it's really sunny somedays ha also we think our tiny water heater isn't working so we have had what we call "Glacier showers" so much fun!)

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