Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Visiting Joplin one year later

"Good Morning! Thanks for the emails. We weren't able to email yesterday...due to the holiday so pretty much all day yesterday there was nothing to do. But that was alright for me because I am trying to read all the standard works in 6 weeks! Pretty crazy goal but I just finished up the Book of Mormon yesterday. Wow what a spiritual adventure, I was glued to the book. I can't believe how a book can be so amazing. It should be called the "The Tragedy of the Nephite Nation" It is so sad how they go through the pride cycle...Last week we had the opportunity to go down to Joplin, MO for the walk they did down the tornadoes' path. It was crazy there were like 10,000 people. We saw the destruction it left and the hospital that was moved off of its foundation 6 inches! The path hit our stake center and so part of the walk was watching the steeple be put back onto the almost finished building. We walked with the people in our suits (which was hot...) and it was pretty humbling. I took a lot of pictures and video. Then on Wednesday a less active in the Ward passed away, and the family asked the Bishop if he would conduct the service. He asked us to help and so we did and I had to dedicate the grave, it was a pretty neat experience. The bishop didn't know the guy and either did we... but we were glad to help, all of his family were not members and so the Bishop gave a good talk on the Plan of Salvation. After the service was over our day was pretty much spent and we were exhausted...we stood in the sun that whole funeral. The next day we had to drive to Carthage, MO for meetings and that's where I got a lot of reading done :) but man, I tell ya last week was tough, a lot of our appointments fell through and it seemed like we knocked on only mad people's doors. Enjoy your cold weather because it is hot and humid which makes it feel super hot, Utah hot is better. Take the Elder Blackburn challenge and read the Book of Mormon! It'll change your life. Pray before you read that you can understand what is being said. It works!"

Talk to ya later,
Elder Blackburn
PS our water heater got repaired and we are blessed with the warmth of the waters! Ah...such a blessing. ha ha

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